Prayer Requests

Please Pray For:

  • Jena, Hazel Sunderman’s granddaughter
  • Bonnie Trouba, Barry Trouba’s mother for health
  • Pat Fisher’s Aunt Joyce who has Parkinson’s Disease, Leukemia, and other health issues
  • Stella Conner continues to live at Prestige Care and is currently on hospice.
  • Michael Levermann’s friend Therese, who is continuing dialysis, would like prayers for peace, comfort, and healing.
  • Dawn Penner’s brother, Wally, diagnosed with cancer, needs prayers for healing and peace.
  • Continue to pray for the Rodriguez family:  strength and healing for Juan, house renovations completed easily, and emotional healing for the entire family.
  • Jody Thorburn’s daughter, Deana, is doing much better.  She still has a couple more months of therapy to go after her surgeries.
  • Tina Heth’s sister, Annie Alnimri, diagnosed with widespread osseous (bone) metastatic cancer following breast cancer treatment.
  • Mick Troia’s niece, Christine, has removed her defibrillator vest!  The Doctor told her that her ejection fraction was up to normal.  Thank you for all your prayers!  Amazing!  Please continue to pray for her heart to heal.  GOD IS SO GOOD!
  • Jim McKnight requests prayers for his neighbor Bob and his wife Peggy.  Bob is on dialysis and was recently admitted into the ICU for a blood infection and pneumonia.  The family needs prayers for comfort, recovery, and continued faith.
  • Tara Kolden continues to need prayer for continued healing.
  • Sharon Wenig is still in need of prayers.  Sharon will be having surgery Friday!  She had a pre-anesthesia screening appointment on Monday, and they gave her the go ahead.  Thankful this appears to be finally happening.
  • David Cottle’s sister, Lisa Kirchhoff, would like to ask the church to put Dennis and herself on the prayer list.  They have Covid, Lisa is on day 12 and Dennis on day 10.  They could use prayers for healing in their lungs.  Lisa has pneumonia and Dennis is fighting to not get it.  Both are doing exercises to expand their lungs along with inhalers, nebulizers, vitamins, humidifiers, and diffusers.  Pounding machine on their lungs!  They are attempting to avoid being put on a respirator.  Lisa thought it was time to ask for a prayer chain and thanks you all.
  • Please pray for our Country, Federal & Local Governments

    • Gerald Fritz (Patty Trouba’s brother-in-law)
    • Ebbin Gherke (Hazel’s great-grandson, Dana’s nephew and Amy’s cousin)
    • Raef (Corky’s grandson)
    • April (a friend of the Sundermans)