Prayer Requests


Remember in Prayer

Pease pray for those being treated for cancer: 

Gerald Fritz (Patty Trouba’s brother-in-law), Ebbin Gherke (Hazel’s great-grandson, Dana’s nephew and Amy’s cousin), Jesse (John Tapp’s Friend), Bart Cabiness (Dorothy Adkins’ friend), and Raef (Corky's grandson)

Please pray for other needs:

  • Jena, Hazel Sunderman’s granddaughter
  • Jamie, Mick and Linda Troia’s daughter
  • Bonnie Trouba, Barry Trouba’s mother for health
  • Joe Penner’s friend Jeremy’s father who has ALS
  • Pat Fisher’s Aunt Joyce who has Parkinson’s Disease, Leukemia and other health issues
  • Stella Conner who is at Prestige Care Center and has congestive heart failure
  • Bentley who was burned in a firepit fire (Barb Stohlman's grandson's second cousin)
  • Dawn Penner's brother, Jerry, who is recovering from bypass surgery
  • Michael Levermann's friend Therese is going to dialysis and would like prayers for peace, comfort and healing
  • Kinsley Mae, Eilene Rodriguez great niece, who has liver disease and had a transplant. Update: Kinsley is home and seems to being doing well. She has weekly blood draws and will head back to Cincinnati to see her Liver Team of Doctors on December 28th. Kinsley will begin OT/PT this week to work on her stamina. It's hard for her not to be able to go to school and be with her friends.
  • Barb Stohlmann's grandson, Cameron, who is recovering from plastic surgery on his ear
  • Mick & Linda Troia's family - Mick Troia with Covid-19. Update:   Mick is completely off oxygen and continues to heal.
  • Dawn Penner's brother, Wally, was just diagnosed with cancer and a tear in his heart muscle.
  • Mike Wenig's (Last month's Guest Speaker) wife who has some health challenges that will require multiple major surgeries.
  • Jane Sills' mother, Stella, who has been diagnosed with Covid. She is at risk due to her age and health issues. Thankfully she only has a cough so far.
  • Cris Noerrlinger's Dad, Allen Beccard, he has been struggling to breathe for a while and was taken to the ER on Friday, 12/11. He will see a lung specialist on Jan 7th.
  • Please pray for all those with & recovering from Covid and their families.
  • Jody Thorburn - She had surgery on Dec 29th for kidney and heart.
  • Barbara Strapp's Mother's care giver, Amanda, has a brain aneurysm.  She will be receiveing radiation therapy in February and would love prayers for healing.
  • Paula Mitchell, who attended church here years ago, is in the hospital in Oklahoma.
  • Jane Sills fell and broke her wrist and is in a cast from her fingers to her elbow.
  • Janet Schoech had shoulder surgery on February 23rd and needs a rapid recovery and relief of the current pain she has had for month.
  • Please pray for our Country, Federal & Local Governments.
  • **Please send all prayer requests to: