Allan Wooters, D.Min.

I have a deep passion for sharing the truth of God's Word with one and all. My sermons are dedicated to opening our understanding of the Scriptures and showing how a passage impacts our lives. I am usually working my way through a book of the Bible in my preaching though there are times I delve into important themes.

If I had to sum up my ministry I would say I am a "teacher/preacher." I have for years taught an adult Bible study class on Sunday mornings and love doing it. Teaching is simply thrilling and I get to learn so much by leading a class to a deeper appreciation of God's truth.



Allan the Drummer!

Finally, I have the joy of serving on our worship team. It's true! I am the drummer for our team. That may be well . . . unique but serving in the area of music is a real part of my overall ministry.